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192 pages.
Without taxes: 9,52€
Taxes included: 9,90€
Age: 12+
14.7 x 21 cm

Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece

Author:  Roberto Bravo
Illustrator:  Pere Ginard

An exciting journey through the main myths and legends of Ancient Greece! Join Hermes, the messenger of the gods, on an exciting journey through the myths and legends of ancient Greece, following in the footsteps of Helen, Achilles, Pandora and Hercules. Climb to the summit of Olympus, descend into the shadows of Hades, sail the waters of the Aegean, visit the mysterious Atlantis and discover the secrets hidden in each of these places. Experience the fascinating adventures of the heroes and heroines whose exploits have shaped the imagination of our civilisation. Fights, intrigues, revenge, tragedies, true love... and a good dose of humour. A unique journey. Shall we set off now? Commend yourself to Zeus, son of Cronus, holder of the sceptre, that he may grant you good fortune, a discreet spirit, a happy disposition, peace for your heart and nobility for your thoughts.

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