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144 pages.
Without taxes: 9,52€
Taxes included: 9,90€
Age: 9+
14.5 x 21 cm

The Zippolis Tribe

Author:  David Nel·lo
Illustrator:  Pere Ginard
Translator:  Concha Cardeñoso

Guillem is a boy who doesn’t like reading, and it’s even worse for him because everyone in his family loves reading: his mother, father and older brother, who also likes making life difficult for him. He has to take a book out of the school library every week, and for him it’s an ordeal because he knows he won’t be able to finish it, until one day he chooses a mysterious old book called “The Zipolis Tribe”. When he opens the book, he is surprised to realise that the narrator is addressing him directly to tell the story. But that’s not all: when his brother and mother pick up the book and start reading it aloud, the stories don’t match what he was reading, and he sees that the book changes depending on who reads it. Thanks to this book, Guillem discovers the true pleasure of reading and gains confidence in his own abilities.

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