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216 pages.
Without taxes: 10,48€
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Age: 12+
14.7 x 21 cm

The Hell Mountain

Author:  Marisol Ortiz de Zárate

Two young sisters. The finale of a chess tournament in Tenerife. The kidnapping of Eladio, an old researcher specialized in indigenous culture, and a plot against YA books. Checkmate! Further to 'The Tears of the Matryoshkas', with more than 8,000 copies sold, Marisol Ortiz de Zárate is back with a new adventure from fearless Marimbo and her younger sister, La Enana. Marimbo is called to participate in a university chess tournament that will take place in La Laguna. She and La Enana travel to Tenerife, the island crowned by Mount Teide, the so-called “Hell Mountain”. Once there, they meet Eladio, and discover a plot against YA books. "Without reading, what future would await them, then? A future of stupid and fanciful beings, lacking imagination due to lack of use, people without criteria, without high ideals, easy to handle, to convince, to dominate." Together, the sisters have thrilling adventures while they find out more about the Guanche culture and legends to rescue books and literature from the evil Mr. Sholen. Get ready for a colossal journey through the legends of the guanches!

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